I am trying to integrate the excellent Ext.ux.grid.Search Plugin by Saki but I don't know exactly how to proceed. My grid is defined as a JSON array inside a big 'homeContainerUi' class, and I would like to add dynamically the search box in this grid, so I won't have to touch 'homeContainer.ui'.

I've got a class 'homeContainer' that extends 'homeContainerUI', and I've been trying to add it there but didn't manage to make it work:

homeContainer = Ext.extend(homeContainerUi, {
  initComponent: function() {
    mygrid = Ext.getCmp('MyGrid'); // I get MyGrid object
    //this is the search box plugin I want to add
    myplugin = {plugins:[new Ext.ux.grid.Search({
				,align: 'right'
				,width: 150
				,disableIndexes:['pctChange', 'id', 'form_id', 'data_entrevista', 'distrito','subdistrito','suco','aldeia']
				,checkIndexes: 'all'
    //here I attempt to add it

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Many thanks in advance