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Thread: Infinite grid suggestion

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    Default Infinite grid suggestion


    looking to these examples 2 suggestions came in my mind

    1) Would be great to have a tooltip with page information while dragging (see example 1). This would help to navigate to the exact point you want to go

    2) Facebook style dynamic loading (example 2) - trigger only when scroll position is bottom, great usability!
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    Your suggestion of loading on demand when the page reaches the bottom is a good idea and has been requested elsewhere on the forum. The example you refer to above is very annoying though because the page itself scrolls when you hit the bottom of the grid.

    This feature is an absolute requirement for paging through couchdb views. Without this functionality there is now effective way to dynamically page through couchdb views.

    Loading pages on demand is required in any situation where you do not know the total number of rows in the result set.

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