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Thread: Loading graphic.

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    Default Loading graphic.

    What can we do about adding a loading graphic to our Touch apps? I see this as one of the bigger problems with the library at this point. The DOM is apparently locked down while the JS files load, so I can't even set a background image on the index page's outer div.

    I'm open to ANY option here. A loading graphic will go a LONG way to appeasing users if they have to wait 4-5 seconds for the app to load from scratch. I saw an instructor mention in one of the Vimeo vids that Sencha would be "trying to put something in place to help with this"...anything more on this?


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    Do you have this

    HTML Code:
    <div id="appLoadingIndicator">        
    in your index.html?

    if so, then that's your main loader, and you can change it and override the styles, or remove it.


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