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Thread: Variable Placement? Controlling Memory Usage.

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    Default Variable Placement? Controlling Memory

    I'm Soory ealier for the wrong post .
    You guys are touching some topics that have have gave me some had figuring out. Great talk though, my reservation bother on creation of controls through instances or using xtypes will be a way to to avoid this memory and loading problems.

    I have created some forms in my app making use of instance of components objects instead of xtype (i.e Laxy initialization method) but i notice an abnormally when i tried to reuse the existing form for other submission. it just show a blank panel with no control.

    For your expert opinion on this problem.

    is it nice to use instances or Laxy initialization method which is better for memory.

    Laxy initialization method some containers throws errors using this (constructor problems)

    I just need you word on this.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tryanDLS View Post
    I think something you also need to consider is proper destruction of objects. If you're loading stuff into a panel(div) and building Ext components, then further along making another call to load new stuff into the same container, without cleaning up, you're going to have memory issues. If you're in essence just dumping the entire (possibly very complex) innerHTML of a container without cleaning up references, you're asking for trouble.
    Can I ask a question regarding this please?

    I am loading html content this way.
    I know Extjs is designed to be used as a single page application and it generates the components but for several reasons I have been unable to go down this route.

    I have blocks of html and a script tag at the bottom that apply any extra extjs functionality to the html markup by using the applyTo tag.
    e.g turning a html input box into a combobox.

    When the innerHtml gets overriden and the dom elements are destroyed will this mean any references will also be destroyed?
    Should I be ok memory wise?

    I have tried to test this and cannot see any significant memory leakage
    I have also used firebug to observer but its difficult to tell.


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