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Thread: Specific grid implementation

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    Default Specific grid implementation


    I need to use some specific grid in my application with these features:

    1) It should display column headers on the top of the grid and the row header on the left side of the grid. The column headers are standard, but row headers are not. Is there o solution how to be display row headers?

    2) Columns width and rows height should be resizable. Columns are resizable by default now, but can it be done with rows? How?

    3) The column's string header should be displayed vertically (rotated by +/-90 degrees).

    Are the existing possibilities how to achieve these features?
    Are there any solutions for that?

    Thank you for responds.

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    1. You can just create a Column for it and style it and whatever you need in the renderer.
    2. I haven't seen but I'm sure you can. I would start to look at how they do it for Columns and see if I can implement it with rows.
    3. You can do this on some browsers with CSS. Forget about IE. Not sure any other way.
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