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Thread: Ext JS conflict with other scripts on the page

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    Default Ext JS conflict with other scripts on the page

    I'm using Ext JS with OpenLayers for the map in Drupal, where user can select different WMS maps.
    I'm including following JS files:
    on every page where I've link with popup to the map widget.

    Here is the demo:

    After integrated with others scripts, some of the variables contain weird __proto__ function called remove() which cause JS syntax errors.

    In example:
    Following code works without problems:
        pairs ="\?")[1].split("&");
        for (i in pairs) {
            keyval = pairs[i].split("=");
            if (keyval[0] == "easting" || keyval[0] == "ebl") 
                this.eastBndLon = parseFloat(keyval[1]);
            if (keyval[0] == "westing" || keyval[0] == "wbl") 
                this.westBndLon = parseFloat(keyval[1]);
            if (keyval[0] == "northing" || keyval[0] == "nbl") 
                this.northBndLat = parseFloat(keyval[1]);
            if (keyval[0] == "southing" || keyval[0] == "sbl") 
                this.southBndLat = parseFloat(keyval[1]);
            if (keyval[0] == "url" || keyval[0] == "u") 
    But when I include Ext JS files, pairs contain somehow additional hidden function, which is counted as the last element of pairs, so code trying to execute:
    which is wrong.

    Another example:
        for (var n in userFlags) {
          var flagInfo = userFlags[n].match(/(\w+)_(\d+)/);
          var flagName = flagInfo[1];
          var contentId = flagInfo[2];
          // User flags always default to off and the JavaScript toggles them on.
          if (templates[flagName + '_' + contentId]) {
            $('.flag-' + flagName.flagNameToCSS() + '-' + contentId, context).after(templates[flagName + '_' + contentId]).remove();
    userFlags contain 1 element, but has this weird function remove(). In Chrome Inspector you can't see that this object contain 2 elements, only in Firebug if you eventually analyse it more deeply.
    And this code breaks with error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Object function ({var A=this.indexOf(;if(A!=-1){this.splice(A,1)}return this} has no method 'match'
    because last element of userFlags contains proto function:
    remove: function (B){var A=this.indexOf(B);if(A!=-1){...
    See the screenshot fo details.

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    and my answer is still the same as it was 3 years ago

    Why don't you just use a traditional for loop?

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