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Thread: Unless I'm missing something, the documentation is still most disappointing.

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    Default Unless I'm missing something, the documentation is still most disappointing.

    The ext-js documentation appears to be the barest of bones documentation. To get anything done you have to trawl the Internet to try to glean information for various sources on how to do things.

    The reference guide *should* be providing an example with every single method or property but there seem to be almost no examples included at all. Not only should there be an example but there should be some narrative explanation of how things work.

    Consider for example this single case: I wish to know how to allow my end user to navigate a grid using keys, and I wish to allow them to make multiple selections of rows. Can anyone show me anywhere in the Sencha documentation that explains this in any meaningful way, except for the most terse of minimal statements that the exists a property that may or may not relate to what I am trying to achieve.

    I had thought Sencha was trying to turn over a new leaf and include useful documentation but we're getting closer to the release and I hate to say it but for beginners, the Sencha documentation is extremely unhelpful.

    Most disappointing. Makes the process of developing anything very time consuming and needlessly difficult.

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    I'm a bit frustrated as well, but I'm writing most of that off to the fact that they're still refactoring the framework as we proceed through the beta cycles (may be better to let things settle down first).

    I'm not sure I need to see an example for every property, but I agree that more narrative, and maybe additional documents are necessary.

    I definitely think more documentation is required where *Cls properties are concerned. For example, I'd like to see a diagrammatic representation of the markup for each of the controls, indicating where each of the class properties is applied to that markup - don't make us iterate through the process of setting the properties, rendering, then inspecting the DOM to figure out where they do (or don't) apply.

    To me, this seems a more massive undertaking (for them and for us) than the 2 to 3 upgrade - while that was difficult, 3 to 4 has more fundamental framework changes and refactoring. I'll reserve judgement until I see the release doc.


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