Well, this is not going particularly well

Have updated my application, and all controllers and models to not use their 'reg' methods, but be classes in their own right (with I think is a good idea btw, although would be nice to be able to include requires and statics in an application).

Seems that 'pages' are no longer controlled by a controller though, apps have no 'defaultUrl', and there is no Router or Dispatch!
What are you meant to do now then? The guide only has a single 'page' so that's not much use in this instance (although is a step in the right direction I think).

For now am just putting my default page action into launch for now, just to get something on screen.
Now hit an issue with 'layout.setOwner' is not a function... can see it getting called ok for lots of other layouts (after putting breakpoint on it), but the one it errors on is 'fit', i.e. a string and not an object.

Not got time to come up with an example case at the moment, since my control structure is a little complex, but anyone else seen this, where a layout instance has not been created properly from the string?

Appreciate any help.