I'm trying to fade in a plain boxWrap()'d div when a toolbar button is clicked. But when the panel appears, it's at the position the button was when it was initially created, which is just below the grid header. The data is then loaded and the toolbar is pushed down to display the data, but the position of the toolbar button isn't updated.

How do I find out where the button is after the grid data has been loaded? The "real" position doesn't seem to be reflected in any method calls on getX() and getY(). The only thing I could think of is to align the left edges of the panel and the toolbar button and calculate the Y position from the click event and add the height of the panel (plus some padding).

Is there a better way to do this? And how do I get the cursor click event's X-Y position using Ext? I can't find a method or an object accessible via the toolbar button's click event (or the button object itself, for that matter).