We had a discussion in our team in which way we should structure our Ext4 Applikation.

Of course, we'll use the MVC-Architecture.
Now (with Ext3) we have Modules, and we have not such a strict architecture like in Ext 4.

It's a bit like a desktop:

- we have a "desktop" module, which "holds" our separate "Apps", and we have some Desktop Functions in the folders "model, store etc.."

Now, we want to integrate other "little" "Sub"Apps with a separate Application Structure in our desktop.

The docs say, that the Ext.app.Application.launch() method is called, when the Librarys are loaded.

How would you integrate such "Sub"Apps in an app? Loading the "SubApp" Files on demand (f.e. on Click on an Icon or button) and use the launch method to show a window, or new Viewport?
Or loading all Files at first and run the Application separatly? But how?

Is it possible to communicate between apps?