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Thread: Controller listener for a link

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    Default Controller listener for a link

    I'm just starting to play with the new MVC structure and I have a small issue. I'm building a small admin menu on the left side with some panels and links inside those panels as an admin menu. How do I place an event listener inside my controller to listen for certain links when they are clicked? All I try seems to fail for some reason and no action is triggered.

    My application:
    PHP Code:
    Ext.define('AM.controller.Users', {
    stores: ['Users'],
    models: ['User'],
    init: function() {
    //    mainMenu is a panel holding the navigation links
                //    that I wish to "watch/listen"
    'mainMenu a[class=usersList]': {
    launchUsers: function () {
    link with class "usersList" exists, "mainMenu" widget exists...everything seems in order just that I have no action triggered.

    Any helps is much appreciated, thanks.

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    Try changing your listener from itemclick to just 'click'

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