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    Default Multiple TreePanels sharing the same TreeStore

    Can anyone help me out on this?

    I'm trying to have multiple treepanels share a single treestore. Each of the treepanels is supposed to have a different root node, and thus display a different subtree of the store.

    But I keep running into troubles trying to get it right. So i'm starting to wonder if what I want is supposed to be possible at all?

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    The information if being the root node is a property of the node itself. You probably have to subclass TreeStore and Tree and provide a NodeInterface yourself to make this work. (Look at data/TreeStore.js, data/Tree.js and data/NodeInterface.js.)
    I think I'd rather store the data in a separate TreeStore and subclass Proxy to make a proxy that provide the three nodes with their respective "view" on the tree data.

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