I checked the API and the examples, but can't find the solution.

My REST server does all the data validation. So if I update a record and the data is not valid it returns
{ success : false, message : 'one simple error' }
How can I access the message property in the failure callback of save or update?

Thanks for your help.

The first parameter of my failure callback is null, the second seems to be the original operation.

My proxy looks like this:
				type: 'rest',
				url : '/user/server',
				reader: {
					type: 'json',
					root: 'data'
Dumb me found the solution. I have to set the messageProperty of the reader to 'message'.
But what is the first parameter of the failure callback?

After checking the second param of the success function I noticed that there is no message property in it. I have to parse the response...why? This should become more unified.