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    Question Need a 5way-key navigation support for senchatouch framework


    I have develped an application in sencha touch to control the squeezeBox Radio . This application is specifically used for Android mobile and now i am planning to port this application in the google TV .I have suceeded in porting the application in the google TV ,but i have come accross an issue. The issue is the 5-way navigation key in the google TV keyboard is not supported by our application .And if i am not wrong ,i think the 5 way navigation would work fine with extjs framework and not with sencha touch framework as sencha touch is specifically for touch mobiles (Android).

    Can any one help me in writing a support function for 5-way navigation so that this works with senchatouch or help me in integration sencha touch and extjs framework or convert sencha touch to extjs ?

    I have used phonegap in my application and i am planning to convert my application for extjs 3.3.1 version .

    Kindly help me if possible.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm planning to develop a google tv App using sencha touch + phonegap, how did you solved the keypad events problem?
    Did you find the sencha+phonegap suitable to develop google tv apps ???

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