I've been trying to get this to work for a few weeks now, and I'm totally stuck. I've got a Sencha Touch app for snowboarders that generates a random line of tricks to try on some jumps. I want to have a button they can press to publish the tricks they just landed on their Facebook wall.

Here's a screenshot from the app:

The Facebook sharing button will go at the bottom, and that's where I'm having my problems. I'm using the FB.Connect.streamPublish() function, but it isn't prompting the user with anything.

Some code for that:
var fbShare = function(){
			var message = '... just stomped ' + trickArray[1].trickString + 'to ' + trickArray[2].trickString + 'to ' + trickArray[3].trickString + 'with Snow Dice: Snowboarding';
			var attachment = {
				'name' : 'Snow Dice: Snowboarding',
				'href' : 'http://www.snowdiceapp.com/blog',
				'description' : 'stomping new lines with Snow Dice App',
				"media" : [{"type":"image","src":"http://www.snowdiceapp.com/blog"}]
Does anyone know:
1.) Where I should call FB.Connect.streamPublish() ?
2.) Do I need to put all of this into some other panel for it to work?
3.) If I need to put this into some other panel, how might I do that?

Does anyone have:
1.) A working Sencha Touch example where you post someone's Facebook wall?

If so, that would be amazing. I really have no idea where to go from here.

Thanks everyone,
-Ted Bendixson