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Thread: Form submit on Enter

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohaskuar View Post
    i think this is the best way ...i having a problem on my submitLogin(); function be cause my login function accepts a button as an angument
    submitLogin(button); how can i pass any button?on a key press
    mohaskuar, Why do you need this argument? You need this button to rescue your Form? Because your function "submitLogin()" should have as scope your Form.
    I published a post showing how use the class Ext.util.KeyMap, but is in portuguese: Using the class Ext.util.KeyMap. See definition of scope for both methods.
    I hope help you get an idea of how to do.
    I am sorry my english, I am learning yet
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    Default This is the best answer!

    Quote Originally Posted by rrandymeyer View Post
    I implemented it this way according to another post. For each field I added a listener:

                listeners: {
                    specialkey: function(field, e){
                        if (e.getKey() == e.ENTER) {
    The submitLogin() call is the same one the login button calls.
    my code:

    listeners: {
                afterRender: function () {
                    this.keyNav = Ext.create('Ext.util.KeyNav', this.el, {
                        enter: function () {
                        scope: this

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