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Thread: Paging Toolbar and Ext Designer

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    Question Paging Toolbar and Ext Designer

    Please verify if my comments are accurate as help to others:

    - When adding a paging toolbar, an ID is automatically given. But seeing as ID's need to be unique, this needs to be manually changed or you'll be getting other toolbars firing events and some unwanted rendering issues
    - Although an autoRef is an option in Designer for paging toolbars, setting this will be ignored. Use the getBottomToolbar() method of the container the tool bar is docked in

    - I add the store to the toolbar at runtime with:

    Code: = store;			
    			searchGrid.getBottomToolbar().store = store;
    but this seems to break showing the info portion of the toolbar i.e Page x of y doesnt show and neither do the arrows???


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