Version 2.2 now available

Version 2.0 of Ext.ux.Multiselect/ItemSelector now available.

User extension page

Demo page


- Now uses Animal's DDView

- Move to top/bottom navigation buttons
- When using navigation buttons items remain selected in destination list

- Border dropped when marked invalid for better visuals (less jumping/popping)
- Validation for blank, min length and max length
- Ext.form.Field.getName() now returns correct name

@Animal -- Now using your DDView. Have an issue however:-

When multiple items are dropped anywhere outside a valid drop zone a runtime error occurs ( has no properties) then drag no longer works.

@Galdaka -- Now using your icons

@andrei.neculau -- Incorporated all your suggestion except the GridEditor stuff. Many thanks for your efforts!

To all those who suggested enhancements that didnt make it in this release ... my apologies. Maybe next one.