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Thread: Difference and Uses of ext.js files

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    Default Difference and Uses of ext.js files

    Hi all,

    Ext JS 4 comes with six js files that can be used to "include" extjs into your web application. Out of these files, few are self explanatory:
    • ext-all-debug.js
    • ext-all-debug-w-comments.js
    • ext-debug.js
    • bootstrap.js

    But my questions are:
    1. What is the difference between ext.js and ext-all.js files?
    2. When to use ext.js and ext-all.js? I know files with debug can be used during development for easy code reading and debugging.
    3. When should you use bootstrap.js?
    4. And how to use bootstrap.js ?

    Can somebody give me some good info on this?

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    Here are your answers (I think I know all of them):

    1) ext.js is the foundation, which includes the base Ext JS (core), Observable, Loader and maybe some other things. This is good if you want to dynamically load src code.

    2) Use ext.js for dynamically loading src code, ext-all.js when you want to load the entire Ext JS library at one time. Debugging with ext-all.js is nearly impossible. This is why you want to use ext-all-debug.js Ext-debug.js is an exploded version of ext.js

    3) Bootstrap.js basically allows you to choose between ext-all.js and ext-all-debug.js with ease, as it is self aware of the path that you have loaded it and will inject one of the two ext-all JS files into the head of the document body. I believe it determines if you have ?debug in your URL head and will use ext-all-debug.js instead of ext-all.js

    4) <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/ext4/bootstrap.js"></script> That's it

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    Thanks for the explanations.

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