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Thread: Render issue with MultiSelect and ItemSelector

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Render issue with MultiSelect and ItemSelector

    It seems the ListView it creates is too tall.

    In the left multiselect, I have 14 items, but only 13 are visible. There's no scrollbar, and if I click/drag just below the 13th, I can drag out the 14th item to the right selector.

    If there are 99 items, there is a scrollbar, but you can only scroll it so the 98th is the visible one at the bottom, and the click/drag thing works to drag the 99th.

    The proper behavior is to have a scrollbar so you can scroll down to see the 14th item.

    I found that modifying MultiSelect.js as follows resolves the issue.

    onRender: function(ct, position) {
            this.view = new Ext.ListView({
                height: this.height-16,
                multiSelect: true,
                columns: [{ header: 'Value', width: 1, dataIndex: this.displayField }],
                hideHeaders: true
    I didn't see a bug report for this issue.

    I'm using ExtJS 3.2.1

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    Same issue.

    In the multiselect.js, i've changed :
    height: this.height
    height: this.height-37
    and it works for all multiselect fields i use.

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