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Thread: ExtJS4 is now here, but somewhat incomplete...

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    Default ExtJS4 is now here, but somewhat incomplete...

    Now, as ExtJS4 "final" has arrived, we wanted to test it using our current ExtJS3 based application prototype. Result in 2 words: "no chance". Almost everything we depend on has changed either dramatically in usage, is now obsolete or simply has been renamed.

    Well, we know, that this is a "major release" update, so we accept that these changes may be necessary. Alone, the "road to use ExtJS4" appears very rough, because important parts are still missing:

    1. the (in the release notes promised) compatibility file is still missing
    2. we used the calendar module from the ExtJS3 examples tree, but that has not been ported so far
    3. screen designs done with the ExtDesigner will not work anymore (mostly due to the dramatic changes in the grid widget)

    The basic question is: When can we expect all these parts?
    Please note, that now (esp. in the case of the ExtDesigner) the products of Sencha Corp. appear inconsistent and ExtJS4 is not usable (at the moment and for us).

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    This info was published today - see the latest blog post

    Discuss on thread recommended there.

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