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Thread: OpenLayers with ExtJS 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcoG View Post
    Hello everybody, I think I'm a little late ... but here is my humble contribution.Here you can find a small example, showing how to render OpenLayers map inside an ExtJS4 Panel.Attachment 31732Hope this helps.
    marcoG, do you have this code anywhere else? I can't get into the link you've provided. Thanks.
    Matt Bittner

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    Sorry Matt,

    I had to take my site offline due to some sort of attack.

    Anyway you can find the code without my almost useless blether right here.


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    Hi Ayari, your code works.
    You only must define width and height of your "map" div. Try:
    <div id="map" style="width:100%; height:100%;"><div>

    If you achieve a layer tree panel, legen panel, get info feature pop up tool or a pint tool, please show me how.
    I tried to use OL with Extjs4 but i dont know how mix both correctly.

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