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Thread: Destroying the components of a window

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    Default Destroying the components of a window


    I have been working on a web application using EXT JS. I am using the Web Desktop (Refer :/ext-4.0.0/examples/desktop/desktop.html) as my application user interface. On top of it i am building windows, forms and so on.
    The problem i am getting when i use a child window is -- autodestroy functionality is not working.
    when i try to close the child window, the window closes.
    And when i re-open the child window, i am not able to see the components inside the child window.

    I am not getting this type of problems when i use the child window in normal instances. Only when i am building my windows and child windows in the Web Desktop Interface... i am facing such issues.

    Please help me in this and any suggestions and solutions will be of great use to me and my team.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Suki Subramaniam G
    Vertex Infocomm.

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    Please do not double-post questions.

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