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    Default Grouped List Sort Updated After Adding a New Record

    This is driving me crazy...

    I have a grouped list that groups records by date DESC. After adding a new record, the new date won't show on top.

    I tried the following after adding the record and none of them worked...

    store.sort('date', 'DESC');

    The only thing that worked for me fine is if I call the store sort function twice to order ASC, and then DESC.


    The only issue was, when the user scrolls down. It changes the first header text/date from the last date to the new date.

    I have attached a screen shot. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

    screen1: When I navigate to the panel
    screen2: When I scroll down
    screen3: After adding a new record and using sort twice to sort descending
    screen4: when I try to scroll down, the date changes.

    Please advice...
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