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Thread: Authenticate with Facebook Connect in Sencha Touch App, Authorize against Rails App

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    Default Authenticate with Facebook Connect in Sencha Touch App, Authorize against Rails App

    I'm working on a mobile app using Sencha Touch. I'd like to enable login and authentication using Facebook Connect. Once the authentication happens with Facebook, I want to be able to use those credentials to authorize against my RESTful Rails backend which will then provide context for the user. All further API calls will need to be made with this authorization token.

    Are there any gotchas with having to do this? Any current examples before I dive in? Thanks in advance.

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    I use a facebook authentication with sencha touch. I'm not completely satisfy but I make it with the server side flow.
    You can had php code in your index.html to check if the user is logged, if he don't, you display the login page in sencha touch (a bouton to go to facebook app login). Then in your php you check if $_GET['code'] (it's a return of facebook), with that variable you can have an access token and your user is connected via facebook.

    I think the best way is to use "client side flow" to connect with javascript, except it makes a pop-up for facebook connection and I haven't find yet how to deal with it through sencha touch.

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    I just wanted to bump this thread up because I'm running into some issues with Facebook Connect integration. It seems that the only way to do this is on the server side. I would LOVE to see a module for Facebook authentication on Sencha Touch.

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