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    Default GXT meets Adobe AIR

    Hello poeple,
    gwt4air 2.1 ( is some days away.

    One of the most important feature of this release is a Java(GWT) API for adobe FLEX. And i m glad to see that i m not the only one who had this idea (

    For those who use EXT-GWT to build AIR applications this release also include some new components. One of them being the FileSystemTreePanel.

    This component displays the user s filesystem in a TreePanel. Below is how the API looks like
    PHP Code:
    Viewport viewPort = new Viewport();
    viewPort.setLayout(new CenterLayout());
    ContentPanel panel = new ContentPanel();
    panel.setLayout(new FitLayout());

    panel.setHeading("GXT-FileSystemTreePanel Component Example");

    //This line is necessary to makes GXT work inside the AIR security sandbox
    The FileSystemTreePanel is fully customizable. Per default it has a context menu with 2 entries to open and delete the selected item. But you can add you own implementation.

    The component also autoupdates itself when an external storage(USB, external HDD is mount/unmount to/from the user computer.

    I m looking forward for your feedback.


    Other components will follow soon

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