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    Default ComboBox Loader mode local


    Can you please help me to set the mode of the Combobox to 'local'. Its default is set to 'remote'. When a user types in the combobox, it goes to the server to take a new Datastore. I want the data store to be updated at the locally at the client machine.
    I do not see a method exposed to set the Combobox's loader's mode. Can you tell me how can I set mode='local' for the combobox.

    I am new to Ext JS and Ext GWT. I have used comobobox in Ext JS and successfully configured it to load data from the server when the page loads and do not hit the server to fetch the data store again and again while the user is typing.
    I achieved this by combobox property 'mode = 'local' '.

    I want to do the same in Ext GWT. Create a comobobox that runs in mode='local'. I suspect that GWT combobox controls this action of hitting the server for each user interaction again and again or rendering the data locally at the client machine by the same property mode='local'.

    But its default value is set to mode='remote'. And I do not see a method expose like setMode(). Can you please help me to set the combobox's mode to local. I do not want the combobox to go to the server for updating the data store. I want it to be populated at the client end.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Set mode to local

    You can set the config "mode" of the combo box to 'local' ans set the autoLoad of the store as true.It should work then

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