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Thread: Removing Node From TreePanel

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    Default Removing Node From TreePanel

    In my application i use TreePanel to contruct tree and do some actions on it ,but when i try to remove node programatically ,some error occurs on javascript(Firebug shows error: "d is null") ,but it removes from tree and user sees that it is really removed ,i cant understand whats wrong
    here is my code:

    ]MDTNodeModel selectedModel = (MDTNodeModel) mdtPanel.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem();
    TreeStore<BaseModel> store = (TreeStore<BaseModel>) mdtPanel.getStore();
    List<? extends BaseModel> storeList = store.getAllItems();
    store.remove(selectedModel); //Error occurs here i exactly now that selectedModel object is not null
    //and also store object

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    Try executing this in debug mode.
    Add then a NullPointerException breakpoint.

    You will then be able to see where the error is, hopefully.


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    Even i am facing the Same issue when i try to remove a node which is selected it throws error.

    if i iterate all the child's and remove, which are not selected gets removed without any error it fails for the one selected, BTW on the screen the Seleted node gets removed but the Later code written is not executed. were you able to solve the issue.

    could you suggest me how to Reorder the nodes inside a parent using a button not by DND

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