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Thread: Ext.ux.form.field.BoxSelect - Intuitive Multi-Select ComboBox

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    Default Ext.ux.form.field.BoxSelect (now w/ 4.1 support!) - Intuitive Multi-Select ComboBox

    BoxSelect for ExtJS 4.1 - Inspired by the infamous SuperBoxSelect for ExtJS 3 and BoxSelect for ExtJS 2

    Latest Release: v2.0.3
    View examples page:
    Download current release (2.0.3):

    BoxSelect is a ComboBox extended for more intuitive multiSelect capabilities. Features include:
    • Now supports ExtJS 4.1! Unfortunately due to changes in the framework rendering and layout, previous versions are not supported.
    • Individually removable labelled items for each selected value
    • Customizable item templates, in addition to ComboBox's support of customizable drop list templates
    • Keyboard-based selection and navigation of selected values (left/right, shift, ctrl-a, backspace, delete)
    • On-demand loading of values from remote stores when an unknown value is set and queryMode = 'remote' and forceSelection = true
    • Creation of new value records for forceSelection false
    • Configurable pinning of combo pick list for multiSelect = true
    • Configurable rendering of labelled items (auto-sized or stacked)
    • As BoxSelect extends ComboBox, most (if not all) of the functionality and configuration options of ComboBox should work as expected
    • Lots more!
    Any contributions of testing, improvements or other constructive feedback are greatly appreciated. I intend to actively maintain the development of this extension through the life of ExtJS 4, and will be able to best do so with the support of the community. Many thanks go out to everyone that has contributed already, and to those that will do so in the future.

    Now on github!
    Main github project page:
    To directly collaborate, please fork from the master branch and send pull requests when your proposal is ready. See the github help pages for more information. Contributions are also accepted through this thread or through private message here on these forums.

    [Changelog for 2.0.3]
    v2.0.3 - 24 Jul 2012
    Bug Fixes:
    * Resolved field layout issues in complex container layouts
    * Resolved destruction order to prevent javascript errors from sometimes occurring
    * Added button control to examples to show component configurations inline

    [Previous Updates]
    For a complete historical list of changes for all versions, please see CHANGELOG.txt in the download package.
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