I have an editor grid with comboboxes in a few columns. These comboboxes are populated from a dataStore with a memery proxy and jsonreader that reads an array of json objects. The grid is initially rendered but with no rows as the rows are dependent on a user selection outside the grid. Everything works great except for one issue which I expect might be expected behavior.

The user can edit the dataStore (records edited, deleted, or added) attached to a combobox. This works fine except if the dataStore is changed before a row cell is double clicked to load the combobox for the first time then all changes to the dataStore are lost.

It seems that the first load of the combobox reloads the data from the original array. I have confirmed this by adding to the original array and it gets loaded. After the first load of the combobox I can make changes to the dataStore and the reflect in the comboboxes without issue. My current way around this is to make all changes to the original array before first load. However, this is not a very elegant solution and is time intensive because for edited or deleted records I have to loop through all the arrays looking for the object to edit or delete. The methods included with data.store make it much easier to make the require changes.

My question is: Is there a way to preload this combobox dynamically so that it does not reload from the original array when first rendered?