User spurcell discovered that Ext.DomHelper isnt available as the Docs say. [Thread]

Checked the sources and found the problem:

Ext.DomHelper does not exists in 4.0.2a, but Ext.core.DomHelper does

From the src/core/src/dom/DomHelper.js file:
Ext.core.DomHelper = function(){
         var tempTableEl = null,
The Online Docs source :
Ext.core.DomHelper = Ext.DomHelper = function(){ 
    var tempTableEl = null,

Checked all build files in the 4.0.2a GPL release
No results for Ext.DomHelper, but for Ext.core.DomHelper

ext-4.0.2a# fgrep Ext.DomHelper ext-all*
ext-4.0.2a# fgrep Ext.core.DomHelper ext-all*
ext-all-debug.js:Ext.core.DomHelper = function(){
ext-all-debug.js:            newNode = Ext.core.DomHelper.insertHtml(pos, el, Ext.core.DomHelper.createHtml(o));
ext-all-debug.js:            Ext.core.DomHelper.applyStyles(el,;
Seems the Online Docs are not for 4.0.2a as they should or generated not from the downloadable GPL version?
Please explain how this difference between downloadable version and Docs could appear.