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Thread: ComboBox shadow/loadingText property causes warning/error in compat-mode

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    Default ComboBox shadow/loadingText property causes warning/error in compat-mode

    Hi there,

    my compat mode says "[DEPRECATED][4.0][Ext.form.field.ComboBox] shadow (config): Use listConfig.shadow instead." when i am trying to create a ComboBox. i've done a little investigator work because i am not using this shadow-thing in my config so i was wondering where does it comes from.

    I figured out that this shadow-thing comes from "Ext.define('Ext.util.Floating'..." (ext-all-debug).
    You can find this member variable directly in Ext.form.field.ComboBox but the compat mode wants it to be in ComboBox.listConfig.shadow. So the compat-mode copies the member variable to listConfig and deletes the other.

    So is this a bug?

    The other warning/error comes from ext-lang-de.js where the loadingText-property is also apply to ComboBox. compat-mode wants it to be in listConfig.loadingText.

    A bug too?


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    "[DEPRECATED][4.0][Ext.form.field.ComboBox] shadow (config): Use listConfig.shadow instead."
    This has been mentioned on the migration thread before. It is confusing but not harmful Once you remove the compatibility layer you are fine.

    If the message annoys you, consider commenting out this line in compat.js

    remapToListConfig('shadow', 'shadow');

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