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Thread: startX, startY on swipe

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    Default startX, startY on swipe

    hello everyone,

    first: thanks for the great work, i've been in sencha for some weeks now, and i'm starting to really like it

    second: i've got a (stupid, noobish) question:

    how can i get the startX/startY coordinates from a swipe event? i have a list, i'm using the 'itemswipe'-event, and i want to create a draggable panel at the position where swipe started (or ended, i don't mind), but i just can't figure out the startX/Y coordinates of where the swipe started from the swipe-event-object.

    by now i've figured out that the swipe-event-object does not provide those coordinates, only direction, deltaX, ... . is there any way to access startX,startY coordinates from the swipe-event-object? my (very-)dirty-hack for now would be to change the sencha-js file to fire those coordinates as well with the rest (already tried that, seems to work), and my not-so-dirty-hack would be to override the 'swipe' gesture in custom js (i found an example[0] that did something similar) - but that also does not seem desirable for me.

    so, am i missing something? or is there really no other way than my two hackish solutions i found?

    any hints and comments will be appreciated.

    cheers, nitram


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    It's correct that startX and startY properties are not currently supplied in the fired event object. However a simple override of Ext.gesture.Swipe#onTouchMove would work for now, until we fix that in the next release.
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