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Awesome stuff, congratulations on such a fast build

4.1 should help with your grid issues
Thanks, but I'm definitely not done yet PartKeepr Mobile is definitely coming soon, as well as a new theme and some usability fixes.

Ed, could you edit the topic title? PartDB2 is the old project name, PartKeepr is the current one.

Too bad that there's no hotfix for the scrollbar issue - I might need to workaround that by restricting the number of results per page (which is a very dirty approach). Additionally, there seem to be some issues regarding Ext.draw.* stuff (either real bugs or documentation issues, I'm not sure - I have given up after several hours and moved on to other parts).

I'm looking forward to create a 1.0 release including an installer as soon as possible, but I don't think it'll be possible prior SenchaCon (which I'd love to attend and/or give a talk about PartKeepr, but Open Source developers are poor )