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Thread: One Animation - Multiple Objects

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    Default One Animation - Multiple Objects

    Hi there,

    I am currently trying to animate a Text, which is always inserted at the point where the user clicks on the screen. Whenever the user clicks this text shows the number of total clicks so far.

    1st click = 1
    2nd click = 2

    So these numbers are shown on the screen. To do this I create a div on the screen with a unique name
    PHP Code:
    newdiv document.createElement('div');
    newdiv.innerHTML '+' animScore;
    To animate this I create a new StyleSheet add the start values and then I use insertRule to animate it.

    Thats really horrible and very slow.

    Now I took a look at Sencha Animator and animated a number to use the outcome for my animation.

    How do I add the animation to a random created item and probably have several instances running on the screen at the same time with a slight time difference?

    If the user clicks rapidly several times on the screen, there should be several numbers popping up at different states of the same animation.

    Can you help?

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    Dynamic/Interactive element creation is not supported at this point.

    Not sure if I fully follow what you're trying to accomplish, but perhaps you should have the animation in the css be based on a class name, that way you can add the class to your newly created object to start animating it.

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