I have a model:

PHP Code:
Ext.define('Affiliation.model.FaxNumber', {
extend 'Ext.data.Model',
idProperty 'Id',
name 'Id'type'int'},
name 'CountryCode'type 'string'},
name 'AreaCode'type 'string'},
name 'SubscriberNumber'type 'string'}
proxy:{    type:'direct',
totalProperty 'total',
successProperty 'success',
reader : {type 'json'root 'data'},
writer : {type 'json'encode false},
api : {    read:Affiliation_FaxNumber.read,
if I create a store:

var FaxNumbers = Ext.create('Ext.data.Store',{model : 'Affiliation.model.FaxNumber',autoLoad : true , filters: [{property : 'AffiliationId', value : 3}]

It sends out :


which is fine

the server returns (Faxnumber changed for this post)

{"tid": 6, "action": "Affiliation_FaxNumber", "type": "rpc", "method": "read", "result": {"total": 1, "data": [{"AreaCode": "(0)223", "SubscriberNumber": "<REMOVED>", "Id": 3, "CountryCode": "+31"}], "success": true}}

then I do a FaxNumer.each(......) which does not do anything, so I typed FaxNumer in the console (Safari) and open up the Object.

Just to see that the Data array contains NO data.

(the data below is from the console so the small Arrows for object expansion are gone)

Note the totalCount : 1 !!

if I do the same but init the sore with autoLoad : false, totalCount is NOT there, but after a FaxNumbers.Load() totalCount gets 1

autoLoad: true
data: Object
allowFunctions: false
events: Object
getKey: function (record) {
items: Array (0)
keys: Array (0)
length: 0
map: Object
sorters: Object
__proto__: Object
events: Object
eventsSuspended: false
filters: Object
groupers: Object
loading: false
model: function () {
modelDefaults: Object
proxy: Object
removed: Array (0)
snapshot: Object
sorters: Object
totalCount: 1
__proto__: Object