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    Thank you cking for this fantastic work! I'm using it with 4.1.1a and it seems to be working great so far.

    I had to fiddle around for a while to understand how to make it work in the controller of a MVC app however, so I thought I might share what I came up with. In particular, I wanted the handler to a "group icon click" (i.e. the "groupaction" event) to be in the controller, and not the view.

    First, it seems that in the view, the "callback" argument of the "groupActions" items MUST be defined to something: I set it to "Ext.emptyFn":

    PHP Code:
    // ...
    groupActions: {
    // ...

    Second, in the "init" function of the controller, I do:

    PHP Code:
    '<some_identifier> rowactions':
    groupaction:  function(gridrecordsactiongroupValue) {
    // your handler code here..
    and it works! I hope it might be useful to someone.
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