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Thread: Ext.ux.ManagedIframe 4.0 alpha2 for Ext 4.x

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    Lightbulb Ext.ux.ManagedIframe 4.0 alpha2 for Ext 4.x

    Well, I figured it's time to get this rolling again!

    With all the new goodies built into Ext 4 now, I'm able to shed a fair amount of baggage originally required to maintain compatibility for legacy Ext releases (1-3.x). The suite will be much lighter-weight than previous version without sacrificing too many features.

    A few words about the Alpha Roadmap:

    Alpha 1 provides a basic MIF.Component only, with simple support for masking, shimming (during resizing and the presence of overlayed menus) and event bubbling. There will be no Panel, Window, or Portlet subclasses (an inheritance nightmare that does little more now than bloat your code!). Simply nest the Component in any layout!

    Alpha 2 (targeted for early-July) will introduce:


    This class will add additional support for:

    Normalized 'dataavailable' and 'load' events (formerly the 'domready' and 'documentloaded' events) for all browsers as well as the legacy focus, blur, resize, and other events.

    DOM Flyweight, DOMQuery, and Event listeners against the frame's DOM.
    Traditional submitAsTarget (forms), script/function/css injection methods found in the previous releases.

    CMS and report-generation fans can Load and write Ajax-based/structured (or template-fed) content directly into their iframes for isolated printing, etc.

    Alpha 3 (late July) will re-implement a messaging abstraction of postMessage etc (again for all browsers).

    In an effort to keep the example simple to use, just expand the zip file right into the /examples folder of your Ext 4 distribution and run it!

    So, what happened to MIF 3 you say? Skipped it altogether! Easier for all to match up the right releases!

    I'll update this thread as the features roll out, so stay tuned! The beta release will move the code-base up to the existing google.code/SVN repositories.

    Please let me know about issues, recommendations, and ideas!

    Latest download can be found here.
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