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    Default ExtDesigner F1 (Help) not working correctly anymore (since the last site updates).


    ExtDesigner had a very useful feature: F1 - direct online help. Also when a component or it's property was selected, F1 opened the browser directly to that item.

    Since the site updates (and release of 4.0.x), online help in ExtDesigner is not working anymore .

    IMHO the designer should really point to the version of documentation it supports - not to an URL that constantly seem to change with each Ext Update.

    Please fix this, since it's greatly cripples the usability of ExtDesigner .

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is indeed an issue resulting from site update when we release Ext JS 4.x. We have now fixed this such that F1 will now open the browser directly to the doc for selected component/item. We will implement a better solution with the Designer 1.2 release, such that we show correct documentation for the target framework.

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