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Whatever you do in 4.1 I implore you to test in old versions of IE (at least 7 & 8), and stuff more complex than many of your examples. Issues tend to crop up very quickly.
We're doing a lot of work around that at the moment. It's taken a few iterations but I think we're getting to the right place with our automated visual and performance testing. The system that we're building out runs our full unit test suite, render test suite and (soon) performance test suite on every commit, *before* it's pulled into trunk.

The rendering tests used to just be the examples folder but we're changing that to be a series of gigantic pages with all possible component configurations laid out and compared with a reference. It's going to take a little time to finish building that out but that's our mission. At the moment though it's already enormously more bullet proof than when we shipped 4.0.0. Top 2 priorities at the moment are fixing performance (4.1.x) and clearing out the bug list (4.0.x). Making good progress on both