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Thread: Panel: "bodyStyle" is removed, if browser is Firefox

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    Default Panel: "bodyStyle" is removed, if browser is Firefox

    Hello !

    I am using a panel in a TabPanel and everythings works fine, except the
    style, I apply to the body:

    bodyStyle: 'background-image:url(/App/H2.png) !important',

    The background image appears in all browsers, but not in Firefox. This
    also seems to imply, the code and style is really correct.

    I tracked this down in Firefox and Safari. In Safri [using WebInspector], the style
    is there and so, the browser shows it. In FF [using Firebug], the style is missing and so,
    naturally [??] it is not displayed. I even tried another machine with FF4 and FF3.6x and
    NO Firebug and other extensions installed and it is the same.

    For me, it looks like - for what reason ever - ext [I am using 3.4] - removes
    the style [or why should they disappear in Firebug??].

    Any help would be great!


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    i'm trying to add a background image to my panel, but it doesn't get displayed..

    bodyStyle: 'background-image: url(/images/icon.jpg) !important',

    can u tel wat cud b d problem?

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