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Thread: How to Create Grid with: Grouping + Summary + Expander Rows in Ext Designer?

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    Default How to Create Grid with: Grouping + Summary + Expander Rows in Ext Designer?

    I wish Ext Designer had the capability to import existing Ext JS HTML/JS document sets, and convert those to an .XDS project file. This would make learning much easier for those of us who learn by example/reverse engineering. If all of the Ext JS examples had accompanying .XDS files, that would be a good start. Anyways... on to my post:

    Could someone provide some step by step assistance about how to create a Grid with;
    -Grouping of Rows(/products/extjs/examples/grid/groupgrid.html)
    -Grouping Summary(/products/extjs//examples/grid/group-summary-grid.html)
    -Expander Rows(/products/extjs/examples/grid/grid-plugins.html)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I actually need a .XDS template that contains a single Grid with all of the following included:
    -Column Grouping (/products/extjs/examples/grid/groupgrid.html)
    -Group Summary(/examples/grid/group-summary-grid.html)
    -Row Expanding(/products/extjs/examples/grid/grid-plugins.html)
    -Nested Columns(/products/extjs/examples/grid/group-header-grid.html)
    -Column Filters(products/extjs/examples/grid-filtering/grid-filter-local.html)
    -Record Searching(/products/extjs/examples/grid/live-search-grid.html)
    -Record Styling(/products/extjs/examples/grid/live-search-grid.html)
    -Command/Shift Select of Records(/products/extjs/examples/grid/list-view.html)
    -Display # of Records Selected(/products/extjs/examples/grid/list-view.html)
    -Cell Editing(/products/extjs/examples/grid/cell-editing.html)
    -Locking/Freezing Columns(/products/extjs/examples/grid/locking-grid.html)
    -Drag & Drop Records into New Grid(/products/extjs/examples/dd/dnd_grid_to_grid.html)
    -Field Error Checking(/products/extjs/examples/writer/writer.html)
    -Previous/Next Records(products/extjs/examples/grid-filtering/grid-filter-local.html)
    -No Paging(/products/extjs/examples/grid/buffer-grid.html)


    Connect(PHP) the Grid to a PostgreSQL database.


    Create an optimized build of the app using the SDK.

    I am not sure where in this forum to post 'programmer solicitations', but I would much rather pay someone to create this Grid template and deliver it to me in an .XDS file, then struggle through the process myself, so any advise would be welcomed.

    I visited but unfortunately there is no way to post a job there.



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    That is my frustration as well - I don't think you can readily do it using ExtDesigner! You have to use a workaround..! And that means that you'd have to design the initial design in the Designer, export it and then modify the .js (not the .ui.js) files where necessary to change the normal grid to a grouping grid...!

    All in all, it will be more of a headache than actually designing it by coding directly...!

    I did not even attempt to go as far as you wanted - I simply wanted to edit an entire row and save it to the database - I had to ddo so much workaround that I started to see less and less of worth using the designer...!

    Don't get me wrong - the Designer is a great idea: but to me that is all it is right now: an idea..! Not a complete tool!

    What bugs me is that it looks like it will always be just that (a not-a-tool)...! hahaha It seems that it is destined to always lag behind...! And it is a shame..!

    I agree with you - the Designer should have its own examples like in the example folder found for the ExtJS..! And then we can actually make use of this tool in real-life developmentenvironments...!

    Hope this helps in not wasting your time..! Maybe new versions will achieve that? But I am still waiting for quite a while now..!

    Yours truly...

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    Default Thanks for your response...

    I have been using Ext Designer for several days now, and on OS X it is extremely buggy. I have to frequently exit and reenter the application in order to refresh the content or shake a problem that seems frozen/not willing to go away.

    Although I appreciate the effort that has thus far gone into the software, it seems they have missed the boat in a number of areas. Missing features like nested columns, grouping, etc., are rather glaring, and the manner in which the toolbox items are organized makes things a bit tough initially, but not being able to open/import an HTML/JS set is just a downright bummer. I am learning both Ext Js and Ext Designer, so its a bit daunting, especially when Ext Designer displays inaccurate visuals(which is why I have to exit and reenter the app), this causes a lot of second guessing when dealign with problems... not sure if its something I did, or Ext Designer being buggy(or both).

    Also, another thing I think is missing is off-the-shelf connectors to MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc., because most people who are venturing into Ext JS territory are doing so because they need a better UI with which to manage their data, data that is likely stored in either a PostgreSQL database, or more common, a MySQL database(or at least provide these for those whom purchase a license, as is the case with some Ext JS competitors).

    All in all, I'm figuring things out... but will not do so before my 15 day license expires... which is another gripe... they should at least provide a 30 day trial license, and all things considered(learning Ext JS), it should likely be a 45 to 60 day license.

    Eric Jarvies

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    Lightbulb New Ideas and Sencha

    First, welcome to (in my opinion) the best JavaScript framework and community on the web today! I'll be among the first to say that ExtJs has a bit of a learning curve to it... Especially if you have no prior programming experience. And with XDS, it can help speed up that learning process but with a few caveats. [It doesn't support everything upto ExtJs 3.x. You still have write your own business logic that drives the GUI. It's not intended to be an IDE, but a mock up tool to quickly build the "boiler plate" code.]

    Regarding DB connectors. Are you asking for a connector for JavaScript or EXTJS to connect directly to the database? There's not such animal. Sencha does not provide the back-end nor do I want them to do so. They provide the front-end (client-side) libraries to generate these magnificent GUIs that help people forget they are still using a webpage!

    If you are new to web programming in general and want to dive in, then I suggest picking up "ExtJS in Action" by Jay Garcia, an intro/reference guide to your favorite database (e.g. MySQL), SQL syntax reference book, and your favorite server-side language (in-depth) book.

    Regarding the trial period, I believe 30 days would be much better for all to decide if they want to purchase the license. At minimum, Sencha should look at how companies like Microsoft and Adobe offer free trials of their software. Additionally, I think that Sencha should look into the SaaS solution whereby everyone pays a monthly subscription to use products like XDS. This can be not only more profitable for Sencha, but more accessible to those whom can't afford the initial 300 dollar cost (like students).
    Perfection as a goal is a nice idea that can point one in a specific direction. However, since "perfection" is an ever changing (evolving?) and moving target, one must admit that perfection can never be obtained...

    When in doubt, check the d4mn source code!
    And here are my terms...

    1. I don't care if you use my source code. (Known as "Code.")
    2. I don't care if I get any monetary compensation.
    3. I do care to receive credit for Code provided. So, please keep my name in the comments for Code provided.
    4. Code is provided without warranty "AS-IS" and I claim absolutely no warranty nor liability to the quality, security, and run-ability on any platform.
    5. By using Code, you accept all risk inherit with Code regardless if Code has known and yet to be discovered bugs.
    6. You are welcome to change and improve the Code to best meet your needs.
    7. I don't care if you use the Code in a commercial or open-source project.
    8. You are not required to contact me prior to using the Code.

    Simple. Enjoy.

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