I wish Ext Designer had the capability to import existing Ext JS HTML/JS document sets, and convert those to an .XDS project file. This would make learning much easier for those of us who learn by example/reverse engineering. If all of the Ext JS examples had accompanying .XDS files, that would be a good start. Anyways... on to my post:

Could someone provide some step by step assistance about how to create a Grid with;
-Grouping of Rows(/products/extjs/examples/grid/groupgrid.html)
-Grouping Summary(/products/extjs//examples/grid/group-summary-grid.html)
-Expander Rows(/products/extjs/examples/grid/grid-plugins.html)

Any help would be appreciated.

I actually need a .XDS template that contains a single Grid with all of the following included:
-Column Grouping (/products/extjs/examples/grid/groupgrid.html)
-Group Summary(/examples/grid/group-summary-grid.html)
-Row Expanding(/products/extjs/examples/grid/grid-plugins.html)
-Nested Columns(/products/extjs/examples/grid/group-header-grid.html)
-Column Filters(products/extjs/examples/grid-filtering/grid-filter-local.html)
-Record Searching(/products/extjs/examples/grid/live-search-grid.html)
-Record Styling(/products/extjs/examples/grid/live-search-grid.html)
-Command/Shift Select of Records(/products/extjs/examples/grid/list-view.html)
-Display # of Records Selected(/products/extjs/examples/grid/list-view.html)
-Cell Editing(/products/extjs/examples/grid/cell-editing.html)
-Locking/Freezing Columns(/products/extjs/examples/grid/locking-grid.html)
-Drag & Drop Records into New Grid(/products/extjs/examples/dd/dnd_grid_to_grid.html)
-Field Error Checking(/products/extjs/examples/writer/writer.html)
-Previous/Next Records(products/extjs/examples/grid-filtering/grid-filter-local.html)
-No Paging(/products/extjs/examples/grid/buffer-grid.html)


Connect(PHP) the Grid to a PostgreSQL database.


Create an optimized build of the app using the SDK.

I am not sure where in this forum to post 'programmer solicitations', but I would much rather pay someone to create this Grid template and deliver it to me in an .XDS file, then struggle through the process myself, so any advise would be welcomed.

I visited http://jobs.extjs.com/ but unfortunately there is no way to post a job there.