Hello, I am glad to be here (this is my first post). I hope I can find help here, and I also hope I will be able to help others.

I am trying to develop an application which requires working with TabPanel component.
In a tab I have a Grid which keeps some records (each record is a Tabel object defined by me). I want to be able to do the following:

When I double-click on a record I want a new tab-item to appear in the tabpanel, tab-item which contains the records contained in the table which have just been double-clicked on.

I have the following:
                new Listener<GridEvent<BeanModel>>() {
                    public void handleEvent(GridEvent<BeanModel> be) {
                        String tableName = be.getModel().get("tableName");
                        TableDetailsGrid tdg = new TableDetailsGrid();
                        //Here I want to add somehow the new object "TableDetailsGrid" to the big TabPanel
I thought I need somehow to get the parent by getParent(), I manage to get to the TabPanel and .. let's say .. get it's ID, but I just don't know how to add a new TabItem.

Any suggestion would be very valuable. Thanks!