Im developing a web application that works as backend for mobile device management system.

Well, I have a huge problem into passing variables from one Extended Component to another.

Example in a extended class I have class" User.List" that extend a GridPanel, with certain values (name, email... etc) ... and I have another class called "User.Modify" extending a Window that is where the user type the info for the edition.

The problem is that the "constructor" of both Components is "initComponent", and I cant pass values between them, I mean the method initComponent can't recieve a parameter, I tried using Constructor but they dont work good together (constructor and initcomponent) and receive errors...

All I want to do is that when someone clicks a user, a new Window gets open with the info of that selected user (right now I cant get the data from the opener lets say in that way)

I hope someone understand what I mean and can guide me to the right path.

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Nevermind, I found how to read from the parent element by using Ext.getCmp() and the name of the value of the grid selected, not passing directly from the parent to window child, but the opposite... reading from the child to the parent.