Any one using this yet in 4.0? I have column filters feature configured to show up in all of my columns and I can type a filter string in and click the Filters menu item and the filterupdate event fires. However, when I try to call getFilterData on the filters feature, it does not return anything.

The getFiltersData functions looks like this:

getFilterData : function () {
var filters = [], i, len;

this.filters.each(function (f) {
if (f.active) {
var d = [].concat(f.serialize());
for (i = 0, len = d.length; i < len; i++) {
field: f.dataIndex,
data: d[i]
return filters;

It turns out f.active never returns true .. not even for the current active column.

I am also seeing that the check box for the filter menu is not getting checked. So I am wondering if the two are related and what I am doing wrong.

On the grid, the features property is set as follows:

features: [{
ftype: 'filters',
type: 'filters',
encode: true,
local: false,
autoReload: false,
filters: this.filterData

this.fitlerData looks something like this:

[{dataIndex: 'FullName', type: 'string' }]

Not shown here is the rest of the array but its just all the same thing for the other columns in the grid.

Can anyone take a guess as to why the checkbox for the menu item is not getting checked or why the getFilterData() function is not returning anything?