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Thread: Migration Ext JS 3 to Ext JS 4 : applyTo and add

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    Default Migration Ext JS 3 to Ext JS 4 : applyTo and add

    I'm migrating a site from Ext JS 3 to 4 and I've got some trouble trying to do it cuz everytime that I try to add an item (normally a Panel) to another (with the add function) I get this error in my Console:

    [DEPRECATED][4.0][Ext.Component] applyTo (config): Use renderTo instead. Applying components to existing markup via "applyTo" is no longer supported.ext3-c...mpat.js (ligne 108)

    [INFO][4.0][Ext.Component] applyTo: This component will attempt to render to the applyTo target's parent node ("ext-gen1104"). If this did not work as expected then you will have to replace the applyTo config manually before this component will render properly.

    I've searched through all my code and I never use applyTo, though I've found that that message was displayed each and every time I use the add function, for example:

    var tP = new{
    activeTab: 0
    var i = 0;
    while (i < tabs.length){
    var list = new Array();
    var modules = tabs[i].value.split(',');
    var k = 0;
    var tempTab = new Ext.panel.Panel({
    title: tabs[i].attr.title,
    autoHeight: true
    while (k < modules.length){
    var pName = modules[k]+'';
    var tmp = Ext.get(pName);

    the array tabs is defined by a JSON object.

    Thanks 4 your help

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    I am getting the exact same message and, the best I can determine at the moment is that I see this as an issue with the definition of the Ext.Component object, specifically, the constructor (the below excerpt is from ext-all-debug.js, starting at line 27225)

    constructor: function(config) {
    config = config || {};
    if (config.initialConfig) {

    if (config.isAction) {
    this.baseAction = config;
    config = config.initialConfig;

    else if (config.tagName || config.dom || Ext.isString(config)) {

    config = {
    applyTo: config,
    id: || config


    if (this.baseAction){

    If I replace the above applyTo with a renderTo, this notice goes away. So, a couple things. I'm by no means an Ext JS expert, but it certainly seems as if there is a bug in the 4.0.2a code. However, I'm curious to know if there is a significant possibility that this is an issue with our config parameters, or possibly the way we are instantiating our panel object...
    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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