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    Default [RESOLVED] Ext.Map not working after I published to the Android Market?

    My instance of Ext.Map seems to have mysteriously stopped working on my Android device after I published my app to the Android market. (Phonegap + Sencha Touch app.) The application still seems to work in Chrome on localhost; however, no matter how many times I uninstall/re-install the app, the Maps API just doesn't seem to load on my Android device.

    I'm including the script from: http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true

    In the Android Preparing to Publish guide, they warn you to get an appropriate API key for your app, which can be done by following this guide; however, the instructions only tell you how to instantiate a com.google.android.maps.MapView Java object. I'm not quite sure what, if anything, I should be doing inside my PhoneGap/Sencha application - I certainly didn't have this problem when publishing an iPhone app. (Simply tacking "&key=<my_key>" or "&apiKey=<my_key>" onto the end of the google maps url didn't seem to do the trick.)

    Has anyone had a similar problem with their Ext.Map breaking?

    Edit: I'm an . I just realized that I turned off GPS positioning on my own Android device last night, and forgot to turn it back on. Nothing to see here.

    Edit x2: Wow, I even managed to post this in the wrong forum.

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