Could you consider adding these 2 functions to the library?
I use them all the time and i think they can come in really handy.

This one is to get an elements first parent that has an id. You can give a specific tag you want to search for.

YAHOO.ext.Element.prototype.getFirstParentWithId = function(tag) {
	var tag = tag || false;
	var checkNode = YAHOO.util.Dom.get(this.id).parentNode;
	while(!checkNode.id || (tag !== false && checkNode.tagName != tag)) {
		checkNode = checkNode.parentNode;
		if(checkNode.tagName === 'body') {
			return this;
	return getEl(checkNode);
This one is to strip the prefix from element id's. you can give a delimiter to specify what to strip.

YAHOO.ext.Element.prototype.stripId = function(delimiter) {
	var delimiter = delimiter || '-';
	var id = this.id;
	return id.substr(id.lastIndexOf(delimiter)+1);
Example where i use both functions at once:

var clickedEl = $(e.findTarget());
var dlg = .....
dlg.show($('website-' + clickedEl.getFirstParentWithId().stripId()))