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Thread: Loading all controllers, models and views always?

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    Default Loading all controllers, models and views always?

    The MVC architecture introduced in ExtJS 4 is really great. Kudos to the development team for this.

    I was in the process of choosing this for one of our new application and had a small confusion as following:

    As per the MVC architecture, before the launch function is called, all the controllers (and models & views present in each controller) will get loaded. But, I was just wondering, that if there is a page which is not using a particular controller, then for such a page too other controllers will be loaded?

    We are facing this condition as we plan to have a single Viewport and dynamically modify the content of its regions (this is again another thing for which we need to devise a way of implementation in MVC).

    The build process does exist for compressing the files, but inclusion of all the files will surely take place? Or am I missing some big thing here.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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